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Getting Involved

In response to Steve Shaw Heidi States:
In a message dated 98-10-27 13:22:52 EST, writes:

<< I understand what Heidi is talking about. But why not have four
that you "expect" to make up the team and the two that are available are
the ones chosen by the public and races. >>

<<<Why not?  Why do it?  Why make the extra effort to "name" a group that in all
likelihood will not be the four that become the team once you get there?
Seems like a lot of wasted effort, and also makes it that much harder when
something happens to one of your "chosen" four and the team vet and chef have
to explain why they are being bumped.  I think people are trying to make this
whole process a lot more complicated than it really is.

The determination of the National Team should not be a matter of expediency and
simplicity, but a subject of fairness and participation. If you want the Endurance Community
to fully embrace the Team  as "Their Team" and provide the financial support that is
so badly needed,  you have to open the doors for more direct input and participation.
I do not see a problem with the selection committee, the team vet or
the Chef d'Equipe providing explanations. If they are representing the dues paying
members they should be accountable for their actions. And, for what I have
seen, non of them seems to have a problem defending their decision criteria.
So long as there is  a subjective selection process there must be explanations and
accountability for the actions taken so that the members can take the proper
decisions at the time of elections. Supposedly that is how the Democratic
Process works. It all has to start with full disclosure of the actions taken, the
reasons for those actions and the voting records of all involved.
The bottom line is that there are problems with our current Modus Operandi.
Heidi has one point of view, Tony has his , Rick has his and I have mine. At
some point we are going to have to face this , openly discuss it,
put the decision to the vote of the membership and bring them all onboard
to work towards a common goal. It is not a matter that if you want to get involved
you have to be elected, it is the responsibility of those representative to
recruit the involvement, opinion and participation of their constituency and
implement their wishes.
If we want a simple system, then we should have a Run-off for the selection.
In this case the only ones accountable will be the riders, there will be no
explanations necessary and there will be no arguing about  the results.
Carlos Crespo

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