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Re: Legal Remedies and Herbs

That is a step in the right direction, but not good enough. Now minerals
presumably includes sulfur and if I was to go by the label (a source of
dietary sulfur) on a package of MSM, it would be legal. But it is not (at
least I hope not), and should not be.

More troublesome is the term non-absorbable topical wound dressings. Which
ones are non absorbable - or is this to be left to the ignorance of the
participant. I sure as hell don't know.

Also troublesome is the term 'All food stuffs traditionally known as
"nutrients"'. Does that term include some of the purified micronutrients fed
in quantities not normally found in horse diets. Does it include probiotics
(yogurt is not a traditional horse feed)? Does it include chrondroitin
sulfates (bovine trachea is also not a traditional horse feed)?

Why were dewormers not included on the list of permissible substances? What
is the clearance time of moxidectin - I understand it absorbed in the fat
and could probably remain for some period of time?

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Robert Morris <>

>Your requested list does exist and includes the basics of water, forage and
>electrolytes (salts and minerals).
> A list was published in September 1991 and the permissible list consists
>Liniments that do not contain materials absorbed into the body
>All food stuffs traditionally known as "nutrients"
>Non-absorbable topical wound dressings
>Ice and ice water
>Compounds to synchronize estrus
>That's all folks
>Bob Morris
>Morris Endurance Enterprises
>Boise, ID

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