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Re: Legal Remedies and Herbs

Joane White wrote:

> I've asked a couple of vets
> and received several different answers about specific substances but no real
> list.  I know that the definition is vague but surely there is a list of
> real "no-no's" somewhere.

I have to second this request.  I have NO INTENTION of breaking the "no drugs"
policy.  On the other hand, I may consider something a supplement and find that
the Drug Committee feels that it is performance enhancing, see it in a drug
test, and penalize me.  I realize not everything is tested, but I don't want to
break these rules, even unintentionally.


I realize that a list could never be all inclusive, but even categories of what
was considered off limitsor questionable would help.  It seems the Drug
Committee does not want to commit themselves to a list for fear that it would be
incomplete.  If that is a concern, label it as "Not Exhausitve/Not complete -
Guidelines only".  We could extrapolate & use a little common sense then.

We are not pharmacologists.  I ask my vets when I'm not sure when to stop a
treatment before a ride (rather infrequent occurrence).  My country vets are
baffled by some of the drug clearance questions I have (sometimes they wonder
why something is even a concern).

The replies that we have had in the past that say "if it isn't food, it is a
drug" and "abnormal amounts of an endogenous substance" leaves so many undefined
areas.  We never banned electrolytes, but they are <definitely performance
enhancing> and they could fall under the guideline.  Same with flex
free/cosequin - is it a dietary supplement or drug?

At one time in the distance past, the committee drew up a short list when they
were first discussing the issue, but I have never seen a copy.  I think it is
time to help the membership out here.

I don't even want to THINK what would happen if we banned Advil in the rider :-)

Linda Flemmer

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