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Re: Proper nourishment + heat

Kathy, thank you for the suggestion.  It makes sense to me for a
caloric intake standpoint and also would explain why she tires so
quickly.  I know by the end of a 40 minute ride (ring work), I am
sweating profusely and feel kinda weak and tired when I dismount.  I
was told by somebody at the barn that they had a horse come in from
Maine last summer and that horse took almost two and a half months to
"settle in" and be himself (so I shouldn't complain!).

I am considering trying something as simple as giving her an extra
flake or two of hay when I am there (every day) to see if that helps. 
I don't want to do anything drastic like major feed alterations, but I
want to help her adjust and make sure she is adequately nourished.

As to the Ben and Jerry's, you are exactly right!  Here, however, we
have locally-made Blue Bell ice cream (cookies and cream,
specifically) which is fabulous after a ride or any exertion (walking
downstairs to the kitchen, for example).  :)

Thanks again for your assistance.  I have gotten some excellent help
from ridecampers and I am convinced we will get back to normal with
time and attention to our bodies' needs in this warm climate.

Kathy and Bala Fire

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