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100s here and there

For those ridecampers who I met in CA - and who met the wonderful BLM mustang
Nevada's Rebel I borrowed (whining works...) to attempt the Tevis with will
join me in congratulating his owner Lisa Stein on Reb for finishing their
first 0ne-day 100 in ILL last Sat. She asked me to tell Lucy Chapin Trumball -
LUCY, I am telling you <g> - that her polkadottie horse did great and had
enough energy to spook at a mule as they finished back in camp. Lisa also told
me every time she fell asleep after the ride, she felt she was still on her
horse. Makes you wonder if every time she fell asleep during the ride she
thought she was at home. <g>

Also, a big YEA!! to Amber Boring and Saki in NM Sat. Oh yeah, and Cowkiller
and Novah did well too <g>.

Gosh, it's wonderful to read ridecamp and live errr "vicariously" through all
of you then to meet you in person and live "viciously" in person. Sorry,
Linnea, some people just wouldn't get the joke unless I said it wrong way up. 

Cathy Adair and Moe the curly who will be on the trails somewhere sometime
somehow (look out)
Ash Grove MO
(BTW, Linnea is clueless where I live <g>)


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