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Re: Tevis -- horse lease advice

Janelle, thanks for the note,

> My friend and I have been riding in 25 -50 CTRs and Endurance rides in
> the ECTRA region for the past several years.  We aspire to ride in the
> Tevis in 1999 but would be unable to transport our horses to CA for the
> ride.  We have been told that it is possible to make private lease
> arrangements to ride a horse in the Tevis.  Could you provide me
> information concerning this service?  Thank you very much.
> Janelle Straszheim

There isn't any formal organization to the process of linking would-be Tevis
riders with horses for lease.  There are three possibilities, however, two of
which are represented in the cc-list on this reply:  

1) Folks on the RideCamp email list may have a Tevis horse they are willing to
lease, and can reply DIRECTLY TO YOU about it;

2) Potato Richardson (who won the '98 Tevis Cup) sometimes leases from his herd;

3) The third avenue is a listing on the Tevis website Bulletin Board page, which I will update sometime today. 
Please let me know if you do find a match, as I will leave the note posted on
the BBoard until next July otherwise.

Good Luck!

/richard, tevis webguy

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