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Drug testing vs legal

I have seen several posts about substances being permissible on the basis of
either there is no ingredient list, therefore it must be legal, or that the
drug does not test. The rule as I understand it, says nothing about the
ignorance of  person giving the substance or whether it tests. The substance
is legal or not based on the rule. The fact that it doesn't test is no
different than drag racing down main street in a 1 cop town when you know
the cop is at the other end of town. Can you also take a shortcut when no
one is looking? It seems to me that endurance is a different sport than
football, where subtle holds are part of the game and if one of the half
dozen referees doesn't catch it, it is legal. And of course, if a substance
is illegal there is nothing that states that a new test can't be developed
and performed without notice or some other evidence presented.

Duncan Fletcher

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