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Husband back after heart attack

Just want to let you guys know.  I am back but will be low key for
awhile.  My husband, Allen had a heart attack and is now home and will
be fine.  He  will not be able to ride for awhile but I am thankful he
is alive to look forward to that again.
Me...well I am recovering from a stressful 2 weeks, losing family dog,
my son left for the army for 6 yrs. and then Allen's sudden illness.
Believe me, we will be back on the trails  again soon, me next year on
my new young horse...retiring Sareei after battling EPM for over an
You all have been  great support.    Linda  

Linda Eisele & Sareei and                   
hubby, Allen & LS Iceman
& the young LS Lakota

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