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Re: foal & dip

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From: B. Miskimmin/J. Curtis <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, October 22, 1998 7:28 PM
Subject: foal & dip

>Can you tell me the active ingredient in your dip? I assume this is a
>pesticide. I have some background in pesticide toxicity and might be able
>to help.
Hi Brenda

It is quite late now , have just got back but the dip which the foal fell
into is Ectoban which off hand I think is a combination of two ctive
ingredients .
It is not a pure pyrethroid nor is it pure amitraz , nor is it pure
organophosphate , I will check it up tomorrow.

He is eating ok but is just getting long very slowly , I think the kick on
the leg causes him not to be ble to get up by himself, I want to try some
ntural herbal remedies .

Thank you

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