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Re: How We Solved our Tie-up Problem

Dear Beverly 

I also have an Appaloosa who has tied up on my twice. I now do a lot of the
things you indicate which is good to know that we are all on the right

The other thing I do and it may not have any bearing on your situation
because I don't know the climate you're dealing with, but here in England I
have to be aware of him getting chilled muslces so I make every effort to
keep his back and rear end warm at least until he is moving and active. 

Interesting what you sayin your 7th point because I always do this now
before a ride. I ride Spot out and do some short fast work to get him moving
and check everything is in working order the day before a ride. 

Thanks for your points they are very useful. 


    Check it Out!    

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