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Prop. 6

Stacy,  SEC. 4, 598C and SEC. 5 598D, that would be added to the Penal
Code  if this measure is passed  does not contain any language that would
make stealing a horse a felony,  as you state.     The only reference to
horse thieving is in SEC. 2 (d), "Horses can be stolen, or purchased
without disclosure or under false pretenses, to be slaughtered or shipped
for slaughter.  These practices have contributed to crime and consumer
    Well, AMEN to that, sister, but there is NO further treatment of
horse stealing in the printed text  of the proposed law.  I wish there
were!  It doesn't  make the sending of donated horses to cat-and-dogfood
slaughterhouses a felony either.   This is what is so dumb about this
proposition.  It  completely misses on the true issues:  humane treatment
of horses bound for slaughter, a humane and quick demise for the horses,
better inspection at high-volume auctions and horse sales, and increasing
penalties for horse theft.   And yet it would arrogantly, and perhaps
unconstitutionally, dictate the eating habits of ordinary people.   The
thought of eating horsemeat revolts me but I would not try to deny 
others that right.    It ain't my bizness what people eat.  There are
other states that do have abattoirs federally licensed to process
horsemeat for human consumption.   Overseas, horsemeat in butcher shops
is just about everywhere.  
    Prop. 6 text  states plainly that it does not intend to affect any
existing law that relates to horse taxation or zoning.
     Anyhow, I maintain that this wasted of a proposition does not belong
on the ballot, and I will vote no.  (That's what makes for interesting
politics, eh?)   Connie B.

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