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Re: Unofficial WEG Team

I agree with taking a fresh look, IF you're going to get involved in the 
process and implement the improvements, not just preach to the 
choir.(Because everyone else will have tunes out).
Nancy Mitts
>I tend to disagree.  I most often find that a fresh look from the
>outside tends to provide great insight. Taking fresh looks at old
>problems has been my career for the past 20 years. It is a thankless 
>in that you tend to make a lot of enemies, but it is necessary in my
>profession.  People uninvolved in a process tend to be unbiased and
>don't have the "Daddy doneitthisaway" syndrome.  A fresh look never 
>anyone or any process.  When people get so close to something that they
>lose their objectivity and attack any outside criticism, then a fresh
>look is only good it is necessary.
>Nancy Mitts wrote:
>> interest. From the comments of some in this discussion it appears 
>> they are arguing against something they have had no prior 
>> in or experience with. It also does no good for people totally
>> uninvolved in the process to endlessly argue it's merits!

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