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Pawnee Grasslands Ride

Lisa put on a first class ride.  The Pawnee has never been a forgiving ride
and has always placed challenges on the ride managers.  This year was no
exception.  Friday was windy, rainy, scattered hail throughout the front
range which depressed everyone contemplating going to that ride.  Lisa
rented a large tent, with heaters, in anticipation of the usual bad weather
so the brave souls that arrived would have a warm dry place to huddle.  We
had a delicious lasagne preride dinner and social evening as the wind
howled outside.  The next morning, the wind continued to blow and only 7
brave 50 milers began the ride, which by the end of the day, had turned
blue skies and quiet.  I personally was extremely disappointed in the
attendance by the 50 milers in this state.  Lisa was doing this ride as a
benefit for the Mountain Region Endurance Riders and very few of them
showed up, either to work or ride!  Shame on you!  Luckily the Limited
Distance riders saved the day and came to brave the elements. 
Congratulations.  The ride was successful (I am not sure if she broke even)
but everyone had a great time.  The awards and raffle prizes (massages,
Nancy Loving vet books, Avalanche and Bronco tickets, etc) were fabulous
and everyone that came left more than satisfied.  Thanks Lisa 

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