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Bully Wully - late

Just having returned to ridecamp - & upon searching the archives - I could not find mention of one of the most challenging - at least in my opinion NW rides, held labor day weekend.

This ride takes over a year of preparation, & weeks of trail clearing to make happen.  Ride Manger for the last several years, has been Dory Jackson, & she deserves a thank you, from anyone who has ridden this ride & by doing so, has some concept of the work involved.  Held on Crown Pacific land, it is at their "mercy" that we ride some of the most beautiful trails in the NW.

Some of the "Fish Creek Endurance Team" members, spend most of their weekends, for weeks in advance on trail clearing.  Salmon berry, blackberry, downed trees, etc.  Then, after we think we have it all laid out - Crown Pacific, or one of the private landowners who allow us to ride through - may decide to cut.  OK, no problem, we just figure out how to attach another section of trail -

Dory walked, or had one of us poor volunteer souls, walk, each & every mile of the trail, with a "mileage wheel".  So, we know for a fact that distances are accurate.

Anyone who thinks Ride Managers aren't the most important part of putting on a ride - hasn't been one!  They epitomize the best our sport has to offer in the selfless giving of their personal time to allow the rest of us a weekend of sport, challenge, & fun.  Also, the private landowners who allow us the access to their land as "guests".  I don't know about elsewhere, but here in WA, without them, we would loose almost 1/2 our rides, if not more - & it seems this year we have -

I had the honor of being the last rider to finish the ride in 12 hours.  OK, so I took my time - - -
The weather was sunny & hot, approximately 80 riders participated, & I think we all had fun.  Hopefully the details will be posted to the AERC page shortly.

Connie Hoge & Jasrada (oh so close to the big 250!)

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