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northwest ride cancellations

	All living things require sustenance for survival.  Mankind requires the
fruits of the farmers labor.  Without the farmer, mankind vanishes from
existance.  Do we mandate "There will be farmers and they MUST provide
mankind with sustenance,"  No.  Farmers provide mankind with sustenance at
their (the farmers) pleasure for their (the farmers) own reasons.

	All endurance riders require endurance rides for survival.  Endurance
riders require the fruits of the ride managers labor.  Without the ride
manager, endurance riders vanish from existance.  Can we mandate "there
will be ride managers and they MUST provide endurance riders with rides in
which to compete"?  Hardly!  Ride managers provide endurance riders with
rides at their (ride managers) pleasure for their (ride managers) own

	Hello out there in AERC land.  Where are you?  See any similarities in the
two previous statements?  Has our board of directors taken a step that
could cause our demise?

	Fred Canfield

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