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sponges how about scoops

My husband decided that I needed to carry a scoop he made me out of a
milk jug. Tied it with real strong twill tape to my saddle and gave me a
longggggggggggggggg string.
Well I headed out to help mark trail. I planned to get rid of the scoop
the next day before the ride but left it there because I couldn't untie
the knot.
Galloping down the trail this scoop decides to leave me. It goes between
my mares legs and starts banging around about 5 feet behind her. The
string was really longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
My mare figures the biggest monster in the world is after her. Time to
get out of there NOW. I am trying to get my knife out to cut the string
and stop her at the same time. Made for some good entertainment for my
Think I will try the sponge on the fly correspondence course Angie is

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