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Humane death


I couldn"t agree with you more.  It is a problem, however, when, as a
breeder, you have SEVERAL old mares you want humanely put down and do
NOT want them to experience the "ride" to the slaughter house which is
full of horrors.  Not a great way to end their life.  I cannot do-that
to  horses I love,(AND HAVE BURIED SOME ON MY LAND) but it does become
VERY expensive FOR VET CALLS, ETC.   I am not against "re-cycling' for
food, but I agree that ALL animals need to die without suffering.(Just
as we would wish to do!)

A friend told me that some zoos take horses and humanely destroy them 
as needed for the "big cats".  Does anyone know about this and where I
might call? ( I tried the Sacramento Zoo, but no one returned my call). 
Thanks for any help.  Maureen

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