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butte tails! Ha

My guys have always turned tail and run when butte comes at them in any hidden form.
This year, my worst offender was lame in both front feet, (old age, lotsa water, flat feet, peat gravel in back pasture).  

Put me thinking cap on, dissolved butte in very warm water, then dissolved instant lemon jello pudding in same mix...syringed it up with baby dispenser and voile...a lip smacker greeted me each morning.   ( In 20 years we had tried molasses, p-nut butter/molasses ... he loves bread)  No type of feeding ever work.  I got the syringes in the drugstore baby section and grocery. Both hold 2 tsp. so I loaded two each time.
Got a grain & half dose down each time no prob.  My vet sold me 25 tabs only after a big quiz on what I was doing for other remedy, plus farrier visit.  Didn't want anyone doing foot surgery or hole draining during the hurricanes.  He's in corrective shoes and pads for as long as they will stay on (that's another story!).

Linda in DeLeon Springs

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