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Hi all Endurance lovers!
I just wanted to thank you for your comments on my post.  I really find that ridecamp is wonderful to have (newbie or veteran!)  I can't wait until my first 25 miler!  (I'm LD for now... in a few rides might try 50 with my best friend!)  Anyway, I really love Ridecamp, thanks to the inventor, and all of you guys that make it happen! 
I hope to be contributing alot in the future! :o)
I'll sit in my easy chair and look on until I have something to say!  :o)  If anyone out there lives close to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas out there and would like to help out a newbie, please give me a ring at!  Thanks!
Thanks to you all, I've learned a bundle!!  :o)
Devony & her wonderful equine pal Toledo (Raining... no riding... bad news!)
CT Division AERC
From unpredictable Texas weather, Frisco, Texas!

    Check it Out!    

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