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Re: Mouths of babes

Snicker!  We can always count on Angie to lighten the moment!  Aren't kids

Susan Swope
AERC SE Region

A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves -
strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us
escape from our mundane existence.
                                                     Pamela Brown, b. 1928

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From: Angela C. McGhee <>
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Date: Wednesday, October 07, 1998 8:55 AM
Subject: Mouths of babes

>As long as we're on the subject of 8 year olds. My daughter came home
>with this story yesterday. The following is an argument between my 8 yr.
>old, Josie and a classmate (who has Quarter Horses and does some backyard
>Josie:  "I rode 10 miles with my mom yesterday."
>Classmate:  "So, I'VE ridden 20 miles, on my horse that's SIXTEEN feet
>Josie: My MOM'S ridden 100 MILES!!!
>Classmate: Has NOT.  That's IMPOSSIBLE!!
>hee hee.
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