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Manzanita Ride Story

Manzanita marked the first anniversary of my first ride (on a borrowed
horse - the 
famous Windy!). It was great to be back at Manzanita on my horse. 

I had hoped that this would be my first 50 but it wasn't met to be. I've
watching my mare's knee, as it is bothering her sometimes and I didn't
think that 
she could stay sound for a 50. My husband, Allan was riding the 25, so
decided to ride together. 

We started in the middle of the pack and all the horses were feeling
especially high, 
as there was a cool wind blowing. Kyla was really high; from the wind
and from not 
being ridden much the week before. I was having a hard time settling her
and in the midst of all her bucking and side passing, we were passed by
even the last people. Even Allan didn't wait for me and my horse. I was
thinking of turning back and forgetting the ride as she was such a pill.
After about 
mile 4, she started settling down and got to work. I wanted to catch
back up to 
Allan, so we just started moving out and passing horses. The trail was
great with 
fantastic footing and wide passing areas and we were able to keep a good
Soon I was able to catch up with him. It was so much fun; he didn't know
I was 
close and I just came up from behind yelling, "passing on the left!" and
I looked at 
Allan and smiled and said, "Thought you would never see me again?...Come
let's go!", and we cantered away from the people he hooked up with. 

This was by far the fastest pace we had done and we soon came to the vet
Kyla was immediately down in pulse and Bugs about 2 minutes later. After
drinking, peeing and relaxing for a few minutes, the four of us (horses
were off again. The last 11 miles was a breeze and I loved the wide dirt
road and 
we cantered the whole thing. About a mile and half before the finish
line a group of 
4 or 5 horses came up on us fast. I had recognized them from the last
vet check. 
They had come in before us but the horses were not meeting criteria and
so left 
after us. Allan didn't want to let them pass and wanted me to speed up.
I said, " No 
way, we are going fast enough and anyway, you have to meet pulse
criteria to 
finish" So these people galloped by us. Well, as you would know, not one
of them 
met pulse criteria and we placed ahead of them.

I ended coming in at 28th place out of 63 riders with a ride time of 3
1/2 hours. Not 
bad. Overall, we were both very pleased with the performance of our
horses (except 
for the start on my mare). The ride pictures by Pat and Nicco were, as
usual, great.

I just LOVE Terry Wooly-Howe rides. She is just the BEST Ride Manager.
should be ride manager awards, voted by the membership. Call it the
Award", kind of like the "peoples awards"

I also enjoyed seeing all my cyber-friends and meeting new ones. I
really had hoped 
to get my husband to stay Saturday night as I wanted to look at the 100
horses and see who won. Who did? Barney Fleming DVM, head ride vet also
a little about Adequan and how a monthly shot is an excellent preventive
joint degenerative disease.

I'm not going to ride Caspers Park Challenge, but Allan is. See
everybody there in 3 


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