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Saddle repair depot for Lovatt and Ricketts anywhere in North America?

My apologies if this has been posted before but I think the post
disappeared into the ether as I didn't find it...

I miss my L and R very much.  A few weeks ago, about 15 kilometres from
home, there was a loud pop from the pommel and sure enough the adjusting
bolt in the adjustable tree had broken.  A series of dollar signs paraded
before my eyes!

Local tack shops tell me there is nowhere in N. America to have it fixed.
So, any of you know if this is true?  If it is would someone in Great
Britain please send me an address of somewhere there I can ship it.  Even
if I just get the darn bolt welded in the narrowest tree position that
would make the saddle usable again.

It is a funny grey-coloured L and R, an all purpose with adjustable stirrup
bars.  They make a great difference to my comfort and balance.  I find many
all purposes have their bars set for a quite forward seat,  which I find
tiring.  This old saddle is comfy and fits the horse reasonably well. Is
this some corollary to Murphy's law-took ages to find a saddle that I like
and that fits (and that I could afford!) and then-an expensive bang after 4
months riding.

So I'm back to riding my ancient navy blue Wintec with the pointy little
panels.  The doggone thing is indestructible!  It's stuffing is virtually
perfect after I think some 15 years and I bought it second hand!  I also
ride the old Abercrombie TTT and it, too, is a fine old saddle.  Gentlemen,
it is divided from just behind the pommel through the twist to the seat, a
distance of 6 inches perhaps; long enough to prevent crotch rub for women
or pinching for men. I've never ridden in anything so secure as the TTT,
but it has a very, very narrow gullet which causes one to have to put it on
the horse with exquisite care and causes me considerable strain in riding
absolutley dead straight or it shifts just a little and is then too close
to the spine, and it is a pretty hard seat, not a sprung tree.  So I like
to alternate with a comfy old all-purpose.

On multi-day rides do any of you folks alternate saddles, or part way
through 100's?

Ann Hatfield

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