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Re: half chaps

Lynn Kinsky (lkinsky@silcom.com)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 20:29:13 -0800

If chafing against stirrup leathers were the only problem I'd just put
fuzzies around those and leave the half chaps home. However, here in the SW
area we have a lot of nasty brush out on the trail, granite to scrape
against, and cactus to dodge. The half chaps are a nice compromise between
the bulk of full chaps which are the best protection, the chafing and
blisters from denim jeans which are moderate protection, and getting one's
legs torn up while wearing only lycra and socks which are zilch protection.

>Here in Kansas I see lots of riders wearing half-chaps, but only a few with
>full saddle covers. A friend who plays polo prefers to wrap her legs with
>polo wraps instead of wearing the half-chaps. I've found that just an extra
>pair of socks works for me. I hate the bulk around my legs and my legs are
>getting toughened up to the stirrup leathers.\
>chris paus & star

-- Lynn K. (Santa Ynez, CA)

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