ridecamp@endurance.net: Personality Test in Progress

Personality Test in Progress

Jo Harper (mjo@navix.net)
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 00:52:33 -0600

Have 17 responses so far. Here's how they're sorting out:

E=6 I =11

N=4 S=13

F=7 T=10

P=4 J=13

It looks so far, in this *completely unscientific survey, that most
respondents to date are ISTJ

I'm a little surprised by the N/S results, but otherwise, I guess now that
I think about it, an ISTJ *would make a good horseperson ~ in terms of the
"little things" that are required and in terms of things like control. I'm
a wus, and having a hard time staying alpha with my horse ... am having to
summon up my "other side."

will be interesting to see how more results, if they come over the next
couple of days, might change things.


Jo Harper & Guy
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