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Kris Hazelbaker (shajarah@camasnet.com)
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 15:54:41 -0800

Hi all. After much deliberation and telling myself to "stick with it" I
have come to the conclusion that I am not the right person for my
favorite gelding. He's almost 6, very nicely bred, 15.2+ hands tall,
big feet (size 2s as a three year old, I haven't shod him since),
excellent bone mass, great trail attitude (when he doesn't spook - some
of you may remember my post about him a few months ago) he just gets out
and travels, he'll go across creeks, through brush. But, I'm just not
the right person for him. He's too green, and I'm too rusty. He was my
first horse after a ten year hiatus (raising kids). I was ready to ride
again, and bought this then-weanling for my next horse. Enter kid
number three (oops...) and I am finding that I don't have the time it
will take to bring him along from green to great. He's been in large
rocky pastures all his life. Eats anything. So here is where the
"Horsetrading" title comes in. I would prefer to trade him to someone
who has the time to make him as good an endurance horse as he could be,
and in exchange, get a better trained horse that I can just ride. That
horse wouldn't need to be a conditioned endurance horse, but one that is
sound for trail riding. I would prefer a mare. Maybe an older mare that
is ready to slow down.

I'm not even sure if there is anyone out there interested in this kind
of deal. I'm in north-central Idaho. Anyway, if there is someone that
is interested, you can e-mail me privately.

I'd also sell him outright if someone is interested in him but doesn't
want to trade. I'd like $2000 for him, but would consider other offers
for the right home for him.

He's just too good a horse to waste on my pride.

With reluctance.....

Kris in Idaho

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