ridecamp@endurance.net: 48 Horses in Michigan Need Rescue

48 Horses in Michigan Need Rescue

Jo Harper (mjo@navix.net)
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 20:52:23 -0600

Dear Ridecamp Folks:

Perhaps if this is a slow posting day, you wouldn't mind, even though I'm a
newcomer to your group, if I were to share about this need. Here is a copy
of an initial post from yesterday.

Perhaps some of you are in the Michigan area and would be able to help out
with horse-keeping chores after these horses get rescued this weekend.
Perhaps others of you would be able to share a little toward the cost of
the barn. In any case, may Christmas blessings abound to you and to your
horses ... may they *never, should they ever leave your care, find
themselves in such need.

(cut and pasted from several messages)
from Sally Averill at Horses' Haven:


There are 48 horses in Michigan needing immediate rescue. We need help to
accomplish this. The horses are in S.E. Michigan and we need to keep them
here for evidence. The horses at least need to be near each other because
they are evidence for the felony charges against the owners. We are looking
to accomplish the rescue this weekend, so time is of the essence. We will
need stall cleaning supplies, feed tubs, water buckets, muck buckets, hay
and/or money to get these or other items, if they are not donated. We will
also need stall cleaning and other help for this 2 month period of time.

The horses are breeding stock, and there are many pregnant mares. They are
all standing in or on 3-4 feet of manure and the inside horses need to be
dug out of their stalls. They are somewhat underfed, at least they aren't
starving. Their feet will be problem, but we have willing farriers to help
with that. There is actually 58 horses but we think that about 8-10 of the
horses will need to put down, right off the bat.

We have a tall order to fill. We are searching for a 50 horse barn for a 2
month period, if possible, or the money to rent one. One person nearby has
an empty barn available, but wants $1500 rent per month (we talked him down
from $4000!!) We need to raise the money--we don't have it. As far as
alternatives to this barn, the fairgrounds are too far for practicality,
The racetrack at Northville is running until April. We have offers for free
spaces that combined, would cover all the horses, but the logistics for
taking care of them that would swamp us. We'll just have to make the best
decision for the horses sake.

You may be right about the time being too close to be switching gears on
the barn issue. We have almost exhausted all practical alternatives and
will probably have to rent the one for $1500 a month. There have been a lot
of emails expressing concern and promises to help. We only started posting
this very late Tuesday night so we don't know how contributions are yet.
We have resolved a lot of the issues, but there is much to do. Rent for the
stable is at the top of the list because the owner wants the money up front.

To arrange the donation of items or services
call (248) 486 3312

Send donations of money to
Horses' Haven
PO Box 519
South Lyon, MI 48178

Thank you so much for any help you can give.

Sally Averill
Horses' Haven

Jo Harper & Guy
mjo@navix.net -- ICQ # 3596210
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