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25 mile pace

Fri, 26 Dec 1997 17:50:54 -0800 (PST)

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From: Ray O'Donohue
Email: rayo@cfw.com

Greetings from a new guy.Would the pace at a twenty-five generally be faster than that of a fifty or a 100? Or,do the more advanced riders not fool with the shorter events? I think my Field Trial horse might be a pretty decent endurance horse,and might like to try a short event. He has terrific stamina by Field Trial standards-but that's nothing like what you folks do. I have no stamina by any standards,but that's another subject.Chico and I do a little ride back of my place that is about eight miles:some very rough woods,in and out of creeks and swamps,and a lot of open trails which are rough,rocky,and hilly.Some of it would be done at no more than a walk by any rider,and most of it could be done at a canter or gallop-but not by me.I canter up the hills and that's about all.Keep him in his fast smooth Running Walk a lot,which an Arab would be trotting or loping to equal in speed. Anyway,we make this loop in(about an hour,I guess,and he could probably do that pace in that kind of coun
try all day. I probably could,also,but I wouldn't do it for entertainment.What are the twenty-five mile events like? I ain't wearin' no spandex! Ray O.

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