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Trishmare (Trishmare@aol.com)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 19:51:23 EST

Dear group,
For the past 3 months I have boarded a QH filly which has given me cause
to be increasingly leary of her. To be blunt, in my opinion this horse is
dangerous and belongs in a can. I have informed her owner I want the horse
off my property. The sooner, the better. The owner, (who also boards a
perfectly nice Quarter/arab mare at my farm) is scared of the filly (won't get
within 10 feet of her in fact) and doesn't want her--but she is also fond of
the filly and doesn't want to take my suggestion she sell her to the meat
people. She wants to find a home for this filly where she can be trained and
well cared for.
The owner is willing to give this filly away to anyone who will work with
her and not sell her for meat. I told her I'd try to help, but the filly
must be gone by the end of Jan. one way or another.
Filly is 2 year old, chestnut with blaze. Sickle hocked, but otherwise
nice conformation.
We are located in SE Michigan. Grand Blanc. Anyone interested please e-
mail me (privately, don't want to clutter the list) or call: 810-742-7268.
I want to emphasize again--in my opinion this horse is DANGEROUS and
should be shot. Seriously. At best, she is no horse for anyone not
experienced with problem horses. At worst, she should be shot before someone
gets hurt. But I can't get this through to her (genuinely sweet) young owner.

Trish & "pretty David" and one boarded filly who I am calling "ALPO" from now

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