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new padding for orthoflex

Carol Randall (cerandall@ucdavis.edu)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 11:53:28 -0800

Hi John and Sue,

I just got my orthoflex with the new padding system about a month ago. The
new pad seems very nice and cushy and washes well. It stays in place with
the velcro and so far seems fine. I also ordered a pair of booties which I
had no problem getting - took about 2 weeks. I haven't yet decided which I
like better. If anyone wants to order booties I will give you the name of
my OF dealer. I have nothing but good things to say about the product or
the service.

I also like the new quilted pad that covers the panels - it helps keep all
your "stuff" off the horse's body and helps keep the stuff clean. The
biothane stirrup leathers are also now marked in inches to take the
guesswork out of getting your stirrups even - this may not be brand new but
I know the older models didn't have this.

Carol and Fleet (who got to go on a beautiful Christmas ride on Saturday.)

>It has been kinda hard keeping up with the changes at orthoflex,
seems that something is new every six months. We tried out the very
newest concept today. The saddle is the same, the booties are gone.
They are replaced by a one piece felt/synthetic pad that is velcroed
to the saddle at midpoint. I am curious if anyone has put any miles
on such a pad and how it holds up. There is also a quilted pad that
simply covers the panels and serves no protection for the horse.

John and Sue Greenall

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