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Trishmare (Trishmare@aol.com)
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 07:24:08 EST

And now a word from ridecamp's friendly, neighborhood astrologer--Truman's
filly was born on the night of the full moon, which puts her Sun in the sign
of Sagittarius, (she is a sun-sign Sagittarius) and her moon (we are all much
more than only our sun sign!) in the sign of Gemini. This combination in a
person leads to someone who is adventurous, fond of travel (this is a good
quality in an endurance horse!), somewhat of a spendthrift (not sure how this
would play out in a horse!), mentally curious and very "talky." This filly's
gonna neigh and whicker a lot! This is one of the more "lucky" Sun-Moon
combinations. This combination can lead to someone who is rebellious for
rebellions sake alone, and nervousness can be a problem.
The sign Sagittarius "rules" horses and large dogs (Virgo "rules" small dogs
and house pets) and is supposed to be a really good one for a horse to be born
under--except that in THIS astrologers personal experience, the only horse I
ever knew who was a Sagittarius was an idiot. C-Bars may have been a quirk

Here is my vote: if the filly were mine, I'd call her "Gemini Moon," which
would be "Gem" for short.

Trish & "pretty David" (he's a Pisces with a Taurus Moon--I specifically
looked for a horse with Taurean aspects for my endurance horse--the sign
Taurus "rules" endurance.)

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