ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: hoof protection questions

Re: hoof protection questions

Pat Fredrickson (patfred@snowcrest.net)
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 14:06:35 -0800

When using the screwdriver, I position it to release the teeth from the
hoof. You then give a flick of the wrist, kind of like with a pry bar? I
do one side and then the other. Teddy says to use two, so that would mean
one each side. Anyone else have any other ideas?


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>> Lauren,
>> Have you tried using a long handled screwdriver to remove the easyboot?
>> find that I can remove them fairly easily with one as it gives you
>> to do so.
>Prob. a silly ques., but is there any poss. of foot damage from this? Just
>remembering the time I tried to take off a bicycle tire with a screwdriver
>and put a nice big gouge in my Mavic wheel... I took my frustration out
>on the screwdriver, but it was my fault. :) You just never know where a
>screwdriver under pressure is gonna go...
>(who has no idea how much pressure removing an easyboot requires, or much
>else about horses really... I'm just a beginner. Feel free to flame
>its COLD today. :))
>> Pat
>> Natural Horse Handling Rope Halters
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