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Sorry about this Louise! I was laughing at a joke with a friend, and doing
a 'remove' reply to a spam message at the same time and accidently
did the 'remove' on your message - instead of the spam. Just ignore it :)


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Most of the time people CAN'T call ride management. 99% of the time the
management is already AT the ride, sometimes days before. (You CAN cancel
your motel by calling)

BTW, I put on a large ride. I have the ability to loose $2000 if it ices
out and no one can come. I DO NOT pre enter. What's the point if the
weather doesn't allow them to come? But everyone has their own reasons,
and everyone's situation is different. We don't have dinners, and would
hire three vets anyway. For me, costs are pretty much the same no matter
who shows up, you just have more completion awards left over!

How do I avoid loosing $2000??
#1. The first year I put on this ride it cost $500. 22 people showed up.
Now it costs $2000 with as many as 100 riders. So put on what you can
afford the first year or two until you get the ride established. Now I
know, I'm lucky to not pay the expenses a lot of you do, but you can put a
ride on with the bare necessities.
#2. Keep a separate account for your ride. If I make a little, I can
spend a little next year. Over 9 years, I have made enough to now be able
to front the ride every year. In the last several years, expenses have
pretty much equaled income.

Ozark Country Endurance Riders has some great information on budgeting your
ride. Most have a $1000 EXPENSE limit!

Louise Burton
Okmulgee Cougar Prowl is March 7th!
FIredance Farms Arabians

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