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Sierra's New Sportsaddle Troubleshooting Page

Fuchsia (fuchsia@mhs.mcn.org)
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 12:42:29 -0700


Fuchsia again.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me food for thought... I almost
decided to sell the darn thing, but I can't bring myself to do it. I don't
want to spend $300 on a new tree to be installed in my dressage saddle,
which I ride many horses in. Besides, who knows what his back will do. I'm
desperately hoping that an owner of a sway back arabian has been
sucessfully using the Sportsaddle for a couple of years, and has all the

Wishful thinking???

Well, I made a page, that depicts in graphic detail (literally) my
problems. Sierra was all too happy to pose for photos.

Please visit my sportsaddle web page if you have any interest, and let me
know what you think. Keep in mind; Treeless seems to be the way to go!?


It's not that I don't like the sportsaddle, My horse demian LOVES it...
Then again, he's a five miles a day kinda guy.

Again thank you everyone for your advice.

=-) -Fuchsia

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