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Re: ctr horse supplies

Wed, 17 Dec 1997 02:49:28 EST

NATRC has rules about no help at all on the trail.. at the lunch hold.. you
are not suppose to have feed etc from a person..or truck.. you must carry
everything your horse needs..
kinda an old rule that should be changed.. it is quite bad when the lunch stop
is in the woods and there is no grass or water..
I had to learn this one.. so I carry about 2 lbs of grain and alfalafa pellets
and wet beet pulp.. and water in bottles for my horse.. its s real pain.. but
-- i have to take care of the mare..
would be nice to the rule modified like we have in ECTRA..
that is --let ride mgmt take stuff to the hold.. hay grain blankets etc..
some of these holds are 45 minutes long.. also not good..

most riders here in r5.. just tie the horse to a tree.. and get THEIR lunch
from the truck.. no horse stuff..
then they kick back and take a nap.. the poor horse just hangs there..

yes this is horsemanship.. at its best..

I really ticked them off.. when I un- load all this stuff from the assorted
packs on the saddle and start to feed and water my horse, and give
electrolytes.. and walk her around to keep the muscles warm and loose.. and do
massage.. and ride with a rump rug on the cold rides..

guess i learned this from all those 50 mile endurnace rides i do without a
crew.. no one carries the stuff for you there either..of course you get alot
of help from other riders crews when they note you are doing it alone..

lately i have noted some of the better riders starting to copy my methods of
horse care..nice-- soft sell-- learn by observing..
of course now electrolytes by any method are legal.. so thats one less
would be better for the horse if they let you pack stuff in the truck for the
horse too..

roger r

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