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Booties/Sandy Adams

Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:05:58 -0800 (PST)

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From: Len Brown
Email: brownsadd@earthlink.net

We recently noticed your complaint about our service on this site, therefore we thought this might be what you consider an appropriate place for us to communicate with you.

Since we have telephoned and e-mailed you on numerous occassions and you still have not responded to our request for the balance due on your set of new booties we thought we might try one more time.

I'm sure you can remember all of the messages we have left for you on the telephone and all of the e-mail messages you have gotten from us regarding this matter, but just in case, I'll recap a portion of them along with some of the other information I have. You can hardly blame us for your lack of consideration in returning our calls or our e-mail messages.

On 8/19/96 you ordered a set of used booties. Your invoice number 16776 clearly states that they were "Pulled from used inventory". Our rep here at the company did a "walk thru" on these in order to get them to you as quickly as possible. Your priced on these were $45.00 plus $9.50 shipping for a total invoice of $54.50. This was paid for by credit card.

On Feb. 11, 1997 we received the set of booties you sent back along with the measurements for NEW booties. As you well know, we do not sell new booties for the same price as used booties.

In May you were informed of the price difference and told we could ship as soon as the balance due was paid. We still have not had the authorization from you to run the balance on your credit card, you have not sent a check, or told us to send them COD.

Penny, Kris, Maggie, and Karen have all been in contact with you about this matter, but you will not return their calls or pay for the product.

I'm reminded of a message which you posted on this site some time ago:

"I think perhaps most people with a complaint are the most vocal, so let me say a few words. In our 3 year relationship with Ortho-Flex, we have been treated with the utmost care and respect...So before any of us jumps on them with both feet, make certain that the problem is a manufacture problem, and unless a delay or mistake might cost you something really important, don't sweat the small stuff. GEEZ, what a little deal in most cases. This appears to us to be a quality company...It's a 2-way street, and it really isn't a life or death deal..."

If for some reason you can not afford the balance due on the booties, the least you could have done to ask us for a refund.

Len Brown
Ortho-Flex Saddle Co., Inc.

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