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Re: Sport Saddle For Sale

DreamWeaver (karen@chaton.gardnerville.nv.us)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:34:37 -0800

>statement regarding size. I don' feel rider height necessarly
>has any bearing on seat size. I am slightly under 6 ft. tall, and
>both my Sport Saddles are 14". I really depends more on the size of
>the riders butt and thighs! Karen Chaton, what do you think?

Hi Karen & Bonnie:

Absolutely....my husband can even fit and ride comfortably in my 14" sport
saddle. (though I think he only wanted to try it because of the wool
cover). ;^) To determine what seat size will work with a sport saddle, you
really need to go by riders height, weight, inseam and pant size. If
anybody is interested in Bonnie's saddle and not sure of the size, feel
free to e-mail me and maybe I can help you determine if it should fit you
or not.

btw, I currently have saddles in stock ranging from 14" to 15.5". They
make great Christmas gifts :-).

One more thing...I don't recommend using a coolback pad with a ss. The
best pads are ones that cover the rigging on the sides of the saddle, and
IMO, 100% wool. I'm going to be trying out a Cloud Nine pad soon...if any
of you have any experience with these pads, (with a ss) please let me know.
I'd be interested in hearing what others think.

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Dream Weaver
& Rocky

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