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Chris Paus (paus@micoks.net)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 10:51:48 -0600

Not all CTRs are NATRC. In our organization, (Kansas), we have quite a few
ex-NATRCs who were also displeased with the show-like standards.

Our local group has CTRs adn endurance rides. The CTRs are judged by the
horse's condition andthe time in which you finish. You have a set amount of
time to complete the course -- too fast or too slow results in loss ofp
oints. You are not judged onhow yuou mount or dism9ount, how you cross
creeks, etc. Just do the course at the pace set by the ride management and
bring your horse in in good condition.

There must be other groups around the country who do similar things, so you
dont' have to do NATRC to get the CTR experience.

chris paus & star

At 09:55 AM 12/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Susan, on Sat, 13 Dec 1997 you wrote:
>>The CTR rides we've heard of around here sound like a horse show judged by
>trail >standards. They score you on how you mount and dismount, how you keep
>your trailer, how >you handle obstacles etc. I'm not sure I want all that
>subjective scrutiny. That's why >I can't stand horse shows because of the
>subjectivity involved.
>>I'd like to try a CTR that's not too far away from home. All my endurance
>rides are at >least 5hrs away. I live 1 hr east of Pensacola, near
>Crestview, FL.
>>Susan and Fly Bye
> You don't have to COMPETE in the CTR's (particularly NATRC) to get
>WONDERFUL conditioning and LOTS of fun! Offer to "Safety" an Open Ride (5-6
>MPH) if it's available. Preferably do this with a buddy who has a calm
>horse. Ask the vets to do "safety checks" on your horse at the
>(interminable) holds -- I ask for a stethoscope as I walk in to the stop.
> Mind you, this experience might not be too pleasant, at first, but
>getting your young horse to accept the facts that he is NOT going to pass
>ANYONE will help you in the future when you let the horse in front of you do
>all the worrisome leading for miles and miles UNTIL the right moment to PASS!
> My young 7 year old was disgusted with me when he had to go at NATRC
>speed and there was a vet P/R stop (3 miles from the finish!!!) on a loop
>we'd done 6 minutes a mile two days before!!!! When I made it clear to him
>that this was a different game, his numbers dropped fast! His one and only
>competition to date has been a 3 day 100 which he "ace'd", placing well
>compared to the other horses. However, his internal stress showed in some
>"fried brains" antics followed by a couple of "B" gut readings. Despite the
>promise he shows, and much as I would like to qualify for Festival of
>Champions by June, this fellow is staying in basics (one or two 3 day 100's
>and helping at NATRC) for most of 1998.
> I feel that chronological age is not as important as the maturity of
>all of each horse's systems, so your horse may well be ready to race by 7,
>while mine might make it by the age of 9. Sounds as if you have a REAL
>Good luck and enjoy,

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