ridecamp@endurance.net: Re neck stretching

Re neck stretching

Rob & Kathy Dobrowsky (arikaras@iafrica.com)
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 09:13:25 +0200

Am also curious as to why they stretch there necks down,both my Appaloosas
have a low head carriage and on a actual endurance ride even more so.It
looks as if they are smelling the trail.They do this at a canter,gallop and
extended trot,am used to it but sometimes I feel like I will fly right over
there heads(which are almost touching the ground) heaven forbid that they
should shy!
Maybe they are avoiding the dust ,and breathe better that way?Who knows
,any ideas?
They are definately not tired when they do this either,that much I do know.
JUst my 2 cents worth.
Kathy and "Shanni" and "Lightfoot"" who run like hell with there heads
almost touching the ground

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