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Re: truck question

Lynne Glazer (lglazer@cyberg8t.com)
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 09:38:06 -0800

>>Does one really need a duelly to
handle a small goosneck? Why not just a straight one ton?<<

I never intended to buy a dually, had been shopping with the intent of
buying a 3/4 ton to eventually haul a gooseneck.

My timing was good because it was at the end of the model year, with no
significant changes or price difference between the 95 and 96s. One
local dealer had an ad for 10 Ram duallys sitting on the lot, loaded,
for $23,995 with the Cummins engine. Drove one, didn't feel
significantly different than the 3/4t, so I went home with one.

God knows it would be easier to park a non-dually during my daily city
driving exploits. I have enjoyed its stability while towing my 4 horse
gooseneck, though my next truck probably would not be a dually.

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