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Ridecamp Spam!! RE: PCSP - 1 GB Hard Drive under $ 100 !!!

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Hey Bill - any idea how this slipped through??


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by Adam Smith


December 9, 1997

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HOLIDAY IDEAS- Part one of Three: A roundup of the
coolest toys for the holiday season.

HIT 'EM HIGH, HIT 'EM LOW- Intel announces a new
business strategy that spells big trouble for AMD and

ITEMS- A new regular section.

HOT DEALS- Be sure to check out Shopping Planet's
weekly specials!

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The world's computer geniuses have been working all year to
come up with tempting toys for the holiday buyer. Some of the
coolest gadgets of the year are now available! In the first
part of this series I look at some ideas for peripherals that
would be a good addition to any basic computer system. All of
the products in this part of the roundup are priced at around
$200 and below, and are products that I would unconditionally

ATI All-In-Wonder-

The ALL-IN-WONDER is a graphics card that provides fast 2D and
3D graphics, but there is much more. In addition you get a TV
tuner, video capture, and video output in one PCI board.

You can watch clear high quality television or video on your
computer screen from the built in a cable-ready tuner. You can
view and use your desktop on a television. Neatest of all,
with the included Macromedia Director 4.0 software, you can
capture video clips from tape or a live broadcast, edit them
into a coherent final work, then add titles, music, video and
sound effects. Steven Spielberg started with less!

Iomega Ditto 2GB-

Not as glamorous, but perhaps more important for the average
person, is a product like the Iomega Ditto 2GB. While other
forms of removable media are fast and fun, nothing beats a
high capacity tape drive for cost-effective routine backup.
When your hard disk eventually fails (and all hard disks do),
you'll be glad to have all your partitions backed up securely.

The Ditto will backup 1GB of data natively and up to 2GB in
compressed form. This is more than enough to back up the
largest partition in a well managed system. The Ditto is
backwards compatible with older cartridge systems, but stores
data in its own format on Ditto 2GB cartridges that are
available from Iomega and several other manufacturers. To top
it off, Iomega's software makes it very easy to use.

SyQuest EZ-Flyer 230-

Whether you want to offload files from your hard disk,
download from the internet, or just make your files more
portable, at about $150 (including 1 cartridge), the SyQuest
EZ-Flyer 230 is a great option.

I have mentioned this beauty before and I use one myself.
Don't even think about getting a Zip until you have checked
this one out! For the price of a Zip 100 you get more than
twice as much storage. The Flyer even bests the new Zip 200 in
capacity and carries a much lower price.

It also has easier installation and better software. One small
DOS program will let you instantly connect the parallel
version of the Flyer to any computer's parallel port in a few
seconds. The 230 MB cartridges are priced at about $20 each in
the three pack. That makes the price per megabyte very
competitive with other removable mediums. Drives are available
in parallel port, external SCSI, and internal IDE versions.

Microsoft Sidewinder Joysticks-

Microsoft finally scores with a pair of impressive new
joysticks. Past Microsoft joysticks were awkward at best, but
Microsoft has responded to the criticism and gotten the
fundamentals right in their new products.

The Sidewinder Precision Pro runs around $80 and features a
totally digital control mechanism that never needs adjustment
or calibration. Anyone that has fooled around with the trim
wheels and calibration routines on conventional joysticks will
appreciate the new technology. The joystick has a smoothly
sculpted handle that "feels right".

The Sidewinder Force Feedback is a pricey big brother to the
Precision Pro that "hits back" by providing tactile feedback
through the joystick. You can actually feel the bumps and
jolts as you play the game! Priced at almost $180, this bulky
unit will delight hard core gamers.


In an announcement on November 7, Intel revealed new plans to
move into low-cost computing in a major way. Until last week
Intel had been content to dominate the high end of the market
making the industry's fastest x86 chips and selling them at
premium prices. While Intel will continue to push the high
end, with a 450 MHz Pentium II due by the end of 1998, now the
industry giant has also set its sights on the low end of the

This move is sure to send rival Cyrix into fits, Intel's
new plans include complete low cost solutions for producing
systems in the sub-$1000 range. Intel will be providing
integrated one-chip solutions, a la Cyrix's Media GX chip that
will integrate video, digital signal processing, DVD circuitry
and other core features onto the CPU itself.

Intel is betting that there is a large market for a full
featured PC in the $500-$1000 price range and I suspect they
may be right. Consumers have always shown interest in low
cost PCs such as the Atari and the Commodore, but the machines
were always too limited to offer real computing power. Other
households that are already computerized will consider
purchasing second and third machines.

Aside from the huge home computer market in the west, there is
a burgeoning market in developing countries where many
business have yet to computerize because of the high cost.
Other users in those countries are suffering along with
surplus 8086, 286 and 386 systems that can't begin to run the
latest generation of windowing software. This is a market that
could reach into the hundreds of millions of units worldwide.
Intel doesn't want to leave that potentially huge market to
AMD and Cyrix, who are already making inroads.


--I was working on the Intel story three weeks ago (before my
famous system crash), but I feel it will still be of interest
to many, considering that it didn't receive much notice in the
mainstream press. That's funny, because to me this is one of
the most significant computer stories of the year! I wish the
general media would wake up and realize that Internet Porn and
Microsoft vs. The World aren't the only computer stories worth

--One thing that seems to be missing this holiday season is
any type of marketing from Apple! This is traditionally a very
important time for Macintosh sales. Have they given up?

--I intended to sneak off to Comdex for a few days last week,
but circumstances intervened. No matter. My spies inform me
that there wasn't much to see! In an era when groundbreaking
new products are coming out on a monthly basis, and those same
products are considered obsolete in less than six, the yearly
mega-show has become a bloated and hyped-out dinosaur.

Next week I will offer some more gift ideas and who knows
what else. Until then, I and all of my friends at Shopping
Planet wish everyone of every faith a wonderful holiday
season! Shopping Planet's experts are always glad to help you
with all your computer related holiday plans, so give them a
call. Until next time, check that inbox!


- MAXTOR 1.08 Hard Drive (*)______________________$ 99.99
(*) limited quantity. While supplies last.
- MITSUMI 24X Internal CD ROM_____________________$ 74.99
- 32 MB 72 pins 60 ns EDO_________________________$ 79.99
- M Technology M549 TX motherboard________________$ 80.00
- GOLDSTAR 17" monitor____________________________$ 299.00
- AMD K6 200 MHz w/MMX technology_________________$ 210.10
- CYRIX M2 166 MHz w/MMX technology_______________$ 99.99
- 16 MB 72 pins 60 ns EDO_________________________$ 39.99


- RICOH 6X/2X Rewritable CD ROM___________________$ 658.50
This Rewritable CD ROM cam be used to back up your
data and make your own CD ROM's. Includes an SCSI
controller card and software (easy to use).

- 3COM Fast ETHERLINK XL 10/100 PCMCIA____________$ 159.80
Network your laptop/notebook with this easy-to-install
PCMCIA card. One of the most reliable cards in the

- SONY Multiscan 100ES 15" (14.0") .25mm Monitor__$ 360.30
High quality display Monitor. Up to 1280x1024 pixels.
0.25 mm, Flat screen and Square edges.

- HEWLETT PACKARD Colorado 5GB Internal IDE PC____$ 218.10
This tape back up drive is a great solution for mid-size
computer systems and networks.
Inexpensive, fast, reliable and easy to setup.

- UMAX ASTRA 1200S Flatbed 9600 dpi 30-Bit________$ 456.40
High quality Scanner. Comes with photoshop Full
version (value: $500+). Handles more than 1 billon
Colors and 9600 dpi.

- RICOH RDC-300 Digital Stil Camera System________$ 388.50
Comes with 4MB Internal Memory, Case, Cables and Software
Take pictures and tranfer them to the computer.

- HP LaserJet 6PXI 8PPM 600DPI 2MB PC_____________$ 817.00
New Laser Printer from HP. 600 dpi. Up to 8 Pages
per minite, and 2 MB of memory.

- SEAGATE ST34572N Barracuda 4.55GB SCSI__________$ 614.50
If you need high performance and quality drives to
run your applications, this drive will be you
solution: 8.8/9.8ms 7200 RPM 4.55 GB.

- WESTERN DIGITAL AC12100 2.1GB Ultra DMA_________$ 182.40
The new serie of Ultra DMA Drives from WD.
This small drive will deliver up to 33.3 Mbps of

- Kit #29 Motherboard Upgrade Kit_________________$ 384.30
Featuring: AMD K6 166MHz MMX CPU, M Tech R549 Pentium
Motherboard, 512KB of cache, 32 MB EDO memory, 2MB
Graphic Card and SoundBlaster Sound Card.
Everything tested and configured.

- WESTERN DIGITAL Caviar 6.4GB Ultra DMA__________$ 322.00
The latest Hard Drive from Westrern Digital. 6.4 GB of
capacity, 33.3 Mbps of transfer rate (supports Ultra
DMA mode), 9.5 ms average access time and the experince of
Western Digital backing up the drive.


- Kit #15 Upgrade motherboard Kit_________________$ 387.10
Featuring INTEL 200MHz MMX CPU and the high performance
M Technology R534 Motherboard, with 512 Kb Cache
Upgrade you system with full MMX features!!!

- Kit #23 Upgrade motherboard Kit_________________$ 257.40
Featuring Cyrix M2 200MHz CPU and the high performance
M Technology R534 Motherboard, with 512 Kb Cache
running at 75 MHz!!.

- Kit #22 Upgrade motherboard Kit_________________$ 321.20
AMD K6 200 MHz CPU w/MMX technology, plus the highly
recommended M.Technology R540 motherboard with INTEL
TX chipset and Ultra DMA hard Disk controller (up to
33.3 Mbps)

- Kit #6 Upgrade Motherboard Kit__________________$ 230.80
Get your computer up to full Speed!!
Performing Cyrix P200+ CPU and M technology Mustang R534.
Try it and love it.


****** $50.00 Mail-in Rebate from US Robotics *******
- US Robotics 56K internal modem__________________$ 193.80
- US Robotics 56K external modem__________________$ 213.30
- US Robotics 56K internal + voicemail____________$ 213.30
- US Robotics 56K external + voicemail____________$ 232.70
****** Prices BEFORE the $50.00 mail-in rebate ******

- AcerOpen 56K internal with voicemail____________$ 101.10
- AcerOpen 33.6K internal with voicemail__________$ 62.50
- CREATIVE LABS Modem Blaster 56K w/voice_________$ 106.20
- Diamond Supraexpress 56K internal Modem_________$ 145.30
- Diamond Supraexpress 56K external Modem_________$ 136.60


- 4 MB, 72 pin, 60 ns, EDO non-parity_____________$ 9.80
- 8 MB, 72 pin, 60 ns, EDO non-parity_____________$ 20.90
- 16 MB, 72 pin, 60 ns, EDO non-parity____________$ 39.99
- 32 MB 72 pins 60 ns EDO_________________________$ 79.99
- 4 MB, 30 pin, 60 ns, parity_____________________$ 18.60


- Intel Pentium 120 MHz___________________________$ 105.40
- Intel Pentium 133 MHz___________________________$ 114.00
- Intel Pentium 150 MHz___________________________$ 109.10
- Intel Pentium 166 MHz MMX_______________________$ 124.99
- Intel Pentium 200 MHz MMX_______________________$ 249.10
- Intel Pentium 233 MHz MMX_______________________$ 350.10
- Cyrix P-166+ MHz Low Voltage (2.8v)_____________$ 69.40
- Cyrix P-200+ MHz Low Voltage (2.8v)_____________$ 84.99
- Cyrix M2 166 MHz MMX____________________________$ 99.99
- Cyrix M2 200 MHz MMX____________________________$ 124.99
- Cyrix M2 233 MHz MMX____________________________$ 303.70
- AMD K5 PR-166 MHz_______________________________$ 102.50
- AMD K6-166 MHz__________________________________$ 172.70
- AMD K6-200 MHz__________________________________$ 210.10
- AMD K6-233 MHz__________________________________$ 340.80


- M Technology M549 TX motherboard________________$ 80.00
- M Technology R540 TX chipset 512 KB_____________$ 95.50
- M Technology R534F (for Cyrix P200+) 512 KB_____$ 114.00
- ABIT PX5 TX 512K JUMPPERLESS____________________$ 112.20
- ASUS TX97 TX 512K_______________________________$ 165.80


- Western Digital 1.6 Gb__________________________$ 161.00
- Western Digital 2.0 Gb__________________________$ 170.40
- Western Digital 3.2 Gb__________________________$ 214.20
- Western Digital 4.0 Gb__________________________$ 241.40
- Western Digital 4.3 GB (Ultra DMA)______________$ 268.10
- Western Digital 5.1 GB (Ultra DMA)______________$ 295.80
- Western Digital 6.4 GB (Ultra DMA)______________$ 322.00
- Seagate 2.5 Gb__________________________________$ 193.40
- Seagate 3.2 Gb__________________________________$ 224.70
- Seagate 6.4 Gb__________________________________$ 367.20
- QUANTUM Fireball 1.6 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 162.80
- QUANTUM Fireball 2.1 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 195.90
- QUANTUM Fireball 3.2 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 214.20
- QUANTUM Fireball 4.3 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 279.10
- QUANTUM Fireball 6.4 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 379.50
- JTS Champion 2.0 GB_____________________________$ 159.60
- JTS Champion 2.5 GB_____________________________$ 176.80
- JTS Champion 3.0 GB_____________________________$ 202.70


- CREATIVE LABS 3D Blaster 4 MB RAMBUS____________$ 94.80
- DIAMOND 3D 2000, 2 MB EDO_______________________$ 61.80
- DIAMOND 3D 2000, 4 MB EDO_______________________$ 97.40
- DIAMOND 3D 3000, 2 MB VRAM______________________$ 120.80
- DIAMOND 3D 3000, 4 MB VRAM______________________$ 180.50
- TRIDENT 9680 PCI, 2 MB DRAM_____________________$ 33.20
- ATI All-in-wonder, 4 MB DRAM____________________$ 220.30
- ATI 3D PRO TURBO PC2TV 8MB SGRAM________________$ 180.20


- Digiview, 15", 0.28 mm, digital control_________$ 203.60
- Digiview, 17", 0.28 mm, on screen control_______$ 419.80
- Viewsonic Optiquest Q17, 17" 0.28 mm____________$ 467.40
- GOLDSTAR 17" .39 mm on digital control__________$ 299.00


- MITSUMI 24X Internal CD ROM Drive_______________$ 74.99
- MITSUMI 16X CD ROM (up to 2.4 Mb/sec)___________$ 70.70
- MITSUMI 8X CD-ROM (1200 Kbps transfer rate)_____$ 58.00
- ESS 1868 PnP Sound Card Full Duplex_____________$ 25.00
- SoundBlaster AWE64 IDE PnP PC___________________$ 97.90
- SoundBlaster 16 IDE PC Sound Card_______________$ 42.40
- WAVE BW-115H Speaker System 180 Watts___________$ 24.99

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and company information.


Or give us a call at 1-800-779-8461

(*) limited quantity. While supplies last.

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