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Neck Stretching and Ride Refunds

Wed, 10 Dec 1997 22:35:51 +0000

Regarding the discussion on horses stretching their necks, I'd like to
add some thoughts for whatever they are worth. If a horse is stretching
down so that his neck is even with or *slightly* below his withers while
extending his nose out somewhat, I would say the horse is relaxed and
using his back well. I know I worked a long time to get my Arab's head
out of the clouds. I don't know how she could see with her nose up that
high. I did lots of the take and release work in order to get her
giving to the bit, relaxed and using her back and I know that when she
travels that way she is relaxed. With dressage though, the horse only
maintains the chewing through the reins exercise *lower* than the
withers for a short amount of time (half a circle in training level, for
instance) and it is not intended for a primary frame. In all levels of
dressage, the poll should never go below the withers (except in these
exercises). I would think that a horse pushing peanuts with his nose
(unless he is smelling something) is having some kind of difficulty.
Anyway, just my thoughts.

About ride refunds, I had to no show a ride here in Fl this past
October due to lameness problems from shoeing difficulties (I am
thankfully back to my trusty Easy Boots). Even though the ride was full
and I believe there was a waiting list, I received not even a partial
refund. That was a real loss especially paired with the costly shoeing
fiasco. I vote for refunds.

Ormond Beach

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