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JPascu (JPascu@aol.com)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 22:02:24 EST

The TENS unit that Tom has is very inexpensive, I distribute one the cost
$245.00, and you need a prescription for it.
Tom can you send me some info? Either email or snail I think you have my

The TENS unit will help to reduce the pain in the tendon and stimulate the
nerves. One needs to be careful not to take the horse back to hard work too
soon. There are alot of fibers that can be broken and not completely healed. I
would really be cautious about taking to horse into work too fast and would
consult with the Vet before you do.
There is a very simple massage technique the superficial tendon that will help
remove toxins as well stimulate the tendon and help to organize the fibers.
You can use ice, or liniment, Arnica oil with evergreen is good (The Herb
Store in Jackson, WY. sells the oil in bulk) or good old rubbing alchohol (my
The technique:
With both hands from the front, Simply rub the tendon between your hands
like you would if you were trying to spin it. Go up and down the tendon from
knee to fetlock, while rubbing. If you include the cannon bone this will help
to stimulate the bone. This is called "bone rubbing" and is a well known

Please be careful with taking your horse out of rehab too fast.

This neck stretching thing is really interesting. I have been thinking about
it for since the first post. My first thought was the horse was trying to open
the AO joint, and perhaps get relief from the bit. It might be trying to find
relief from the saddle by moving the withers forward. Most of the horses
mentioned do this later in the ride. Missing from the descriptions is the
riders position during these episodes. Are you tired and contributing? If
people are riding with heart rate monitors how's the heart rate?
I am really not contributing so I'll stop here.

jim pascucci
Certified Advanced Rolfer

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