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All Vets including Treatment Vets

Randy H Eiland (renegade12@juno.com)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 14:48:49 -0800

Ride Managers hire Vets to judge the horses at our rides...to determine
if they are fit to enter, fit to continue, qualify for completion, and
to judge Best Condition. As a side benefit, the Vets are generally rider
and horse friendly giving many riders confidence that their horse is
sound to compete at it's best level unless the Vet determines otherwise.
They often help take items out to Vet Checks, back to the finish and
generally help out as part of the Management Team. However, the primary
function of our Vets is to judge the horses at the ride, period...and
generally they are not paid very much to do this. They are not hired to
treat your horse without fair compensation, although I suspect most
charge less for treatment at a ride than would be their normal fee for
the same treatment elsewhere

On page 1 of the AERC Rules and Regulations, about the middle of the 1st
paragraph is the statement, "....but the competitor is totally
responsible for self and mount before, during and after an endurance
ride......" I interpret this to mean that, regardless of the
circumstances, if the horse needs treatment beyond judging, then it is
the riders responsibility to pay for the Vet.

Randy Eiland

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