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Best and Worst

Carol Randall (cerandall@ucdavis.edu)
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 11:29:40 -0800

Sorry I'm coming in a little late on this thread ...

Best: Horse!
loving supportive husband (not necessarily in that order)
Troxel helmet
biothane halter bridle combination from Australian Connection
Snugpax cantle pack from A.C.
sponge on a rope from A.C.
quick release trailer tie from Trails End
Orthoflex saddle and stuff

Worst: english stirrups - impossible!
first saddle - it had no D rings, so I used a fanny pack which worked okay

One of the fun things about this sport is when on a ride it is just like a
big fashion/tack parade of seeing what people are using, what works, what
might not work for you, what they wear, what they carry, etc.

Carol and Fleet ("I especially like the "carrot pack" - don't leave home
without it!)

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