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Re: tying up

John & Sue Greenall (greenall@vermontel.com)
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 09:32:51 -500

The question I am asking here is just how much of an indicator is
dark urine to "tying up". I have witnessed coffee colored urine,
not dark tea, not just concentrated urine, expelled from horses that
showed NO signs of tying up. Nor did they when they continued on the
ride. My horse showed no other external signs other than an up and
down pulse before he dropped some coffee on the ground. I collected
it, had blood drawn three days later, sent it to the labs and the
results showed metabolic mayhem, but not classic "tying up". So, can
dark urine indicate anything other than what we call "tying up"?
In the same sense, a horse that has a muscle cramp that causes
lameness is not necessarily "tying up" (oh, have I become an expert
here with horses that like to play "stump the vet!) Of you experts
out there, is a blood test the only way to find out if a horse has
truly tied up and is it worth doing?
John and Sue Greenall

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