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Daniel E. Hofford (dhofford@pacbell.net)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 21:00:38 -0600

To everyone who responded to my boarding query:

Thanks for your responses.

I'd like to say a couple of things just to clarify.

1. The people that run this facility are good people. I was expecting
a 'market' mechanism to arbitrate space and they have a 'political'
one. If I have 500 sq ft and pay 150 a month and you have 1000 sq ft
and pay 300 a month, I can handle that. But if we are both paying the
same amount I either feel used or like a user. Exploited or exploiting
is not a comfortable position.

2. Everyone pays the same 175 per month regardless of the size of the
'paddock' and that seems to be fine for the people who are there so it
wasn't as though I was singled out.

3. I think the facility has the right to arrange things anyway they
want and I have the right to agree and stay or disagree and leave. It
that in S. Cal the options can be rather limited.

4. I have to weigh my distaste for a 'political' environment against my
desire to attain the obvious and abundant knowledge they have about
endurance riding in particular and horses in general.

5. All of your input has helped me mull this over and thanks again.

Dan Hofford

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