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breaking the "bond"

Charlene Bartholomae (charle@tpc.tulane.edu)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 14:15:08 -0500

Hi All,
A couple of years ago, I made the error of getting a second horse.
My then "only" mare was always steady, no problems w/others on the trail, etc.
About a year after horse #2 came on the scene, things changed. She started
at things, was reluctant to progress on down the trail (up to 12 miles away when
she knew it was away from him), and once she knew we were facing home, it
became a race.
Two months ago, her pasture mate went off to "camp" for a while. I am
going to be bringing him home in about 3 weeks. My trainer/friend and I
the problems of putting these two back together. I thought separating their
w/ an empty stall or putting them across from each other might help. I also
mentioned to him if I could pasture them apart, this might help. He thought
it might.
Do you all have any suggestions??? I do want to just "deal" with it, but
thought at least for the beginning transition period, I might be able to
make it
easier on myself. There is also a neighbor who wants to bring her gelding over
for temporary boarding. Would having a third horse make a difference???
Any and all comments will be appreciated... from one who has always had
just one horse......
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