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Best & Worst

Linda S. Flemmer (bluwolf@earthlink.net)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 13:06:27 -0800

1) Shock Tamer full pads - very good a shock absorption and quite
reasonably priced. (They were a sponsor at the ROC this year, & Roger
Rittenhouse carries them.)
2) Camelbak water pack. I can drink more often, I carry more with me, I
don't loose bottles on the side of the trail, and I don't choke at the
gallop. Pouring water from a bottle into my mouth at a gallop is an
adventure. I think I aspirate as much as I drink! With the Camelbak, I
sip a tube that's velcroed to the front of my shirt. I save the bottled
water for cooling the horse between water holes.
3) Cordura nylon bale bags to keep hay together & dry when
4) Lytes Now - palatable, appear to see results faster than with other
electrolytes. Costly, but very convenient multidose syringe.
5) Horseshoes riding tennies by Roper - ALL LEATHER, well made, wider
widths for my big feet.
6) Ariat gel footbeds. They can be ordered separately and felt
heavenly inside of my Horseshoes.
7) Trail Tech "spring loaded" stirrups. (Actually a donut that
compresses as you weight the stirrup.) They have SAVED my knees after I
had surgery! They do take some getting used to. They feel as if they
are "running away" at the post until you get the hang of them.

1) Nylon & synthetic fleece western style breast collar - got wet, heavy
& took forever to dry out.
2) Steel Ryder riding tennies. The synthetic ankle cuffs didn't hold up
more than a couple of monthsbefore they had large holes in them.
3) Synthetic saddles - outer material didn't hold up well under heavy
use & the trees spread over time.
4) Western Saddles (in the late 1970's) - horn hit me in the chest for
steep uphills, or hooked under my bra for "instant bonding" with the
5) Bell boots - slipped alot, irritated the horse's foot. Snagged on

Hope that nobody minds that I added a few more since yesterday. (Been
doing this for a while - I've seen a lot come & go.)

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV



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