Silver State Point to Point Finished at Last!
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 22:49:19 -0500 (EST)

Hello Ridecampers:
Just came in from the long weekend of working the ride.
I'd list all the results, but I'm tired and there was quite afew riders.
I can't believe the finish times: The record was broke all three days by 25
Day One:
Maryben Stover took a spill off her mule, broke her leg or knee. She was
taken to a hospital and came back to camp later. Several people helped her to
the airport the next day and she's home recovering. Get Well soon, Maryben.
There was a race to the finish between Larry and Renee Bowers, Suzy Kelley
and Kathy Thompson. It was Suzy by a foot, then Larry, Kathy and Renne's
horse kinda verved off course. Pretty exciting, but scares the Hell out of me
when they do that.
Kathy Thompson got BC on Zane. Winning time 3:37. That's a record!
Day Two:
There was a race to the finish again, between Suzy and Kathy. Again Suzy won
and Kathy got BC. I couldn't believe the times. 3:39
Day Three:
Kathy Thompson first, 3:37 . Guess we better grow some more rocks and slow
these guys down! Don Skinner won BC on S.H.A. Hasans Asadd. We didn't have
too many pulls.
Day 1 59 started 55 finished
Day 2 53 " 51 "
Day 3 47 " 46 "
The Two Day-100 18 started and 17 finished
It was won by Shelli S. Lohman and her horse Power Pack won BC
Everything ran pretty smoothly, we used Barney Fleming for the first time and
it was nice to have a compentant and caring vet and his wife Linda helped out
Well it's bed time and back to reality tomorrow.
Peggie Norton
Ride Secretary