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> A few questions about feed.
> 2. Is there any software available that will calculate a feed program
> by allowing the user to imput various mixtures and acitivity levels?

There are three programs that I know of, beside the simple one the NRC
(National Research Council - Nutrient Requirements of Horses, 1989)
provides along with its booklet.

UC Davis has a program called Pegasus, and costs $ 300.00 for the
general public, and $ 180.00 for students. It allows for least-cost
ration development and is based on NRC guidelines only. The WWW address

Kentucky Equine Research has a program (MicroSteed) which runs under
Windows for $ 295.00. It's based on NRC requirements and latest
research, allows graphing, etc. Their web page is at:

Purdue University has the least expensive deal right now --- their
program, named "Puration" is $25.00. It will not do least-cost
calculations though, and runs under MS-DOS only. Their site:

If you're willing to wait a year or so, the company I have been working
with (on a completely different project) is about 60% done with a very
comprehensive software program for formulating rations based on NRC and
reviewed research. It was designed for all levels of horse feeding
expertise --- lots of help and glossary screens, and many "safety"
features to prevent a person from feeding 30% corn oil or ??? UNLESS
they acknowledge the potential problems with this formulation. In other
words, it keeps the novice out of trouble and yet leaves the vet with
plenty of freedom in formulation rations. Does least-cost, graphing,
and all of that stuff. The company (Red Horse Technologies) plans to
market in a year or so and the price should be less than $40.00.

Sounded like a commercial... sorry! Dr. Ralston's book recommendation
of Lon D. Lewis's work is also great... see her recent post for the
title, as I don't recall it off hand ( :-( ).

Back to work... Kim (and FEED ME! Lee).